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Professional Property Stager Expert Certification


The PPS Expert Accelerator Certification is a comprehensive program designed to help individuals become successful and profitable professional property stagers. It covers various aspects of the field including the fundamentals, proven methods, and advanced techniques. The course is structured into four levels, each focusing on a different aspect of property staging. Level I focuses on the fundamentals and includes visual guides for room configurations. Level II focuses on the Consultant Service, also known as the Limited-Service Plan, which is a consultation service for clients who plan on doing the work themselves. Level III focuses on the Shared-Service Plan, which includes additional services such as rental of props and property staging services. Level IV focuses on the Full-Service Plan and provides tools for expanding business opportunities into areas such as home builders, investors, senior residences, and commercial properties. Upon completion of Level IV, students will have a comprehensive understanding of property staging and the tools to become highly profitable in a short amount of time.

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