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Ready for a Career Transformation?

Discover the Expert Property Stager Accelerator Certification – Your Path to Success!


Gain Mastery in 'Stage to Sell' and 'Stage to Live,' while Building a Profitable Staging Business.


What Awaits You?

  • Elevate through 4 Certification Levels: Novice, Consultant, Lead, and Expert Stager.

  • Unlock Property Staging Expertise and Business Success.


Let's Dive In!

Included In Your Training:

​Meet Your Trainer:

Connie Nedergaard, PPSLI Founder

Online Training Includes

  • The fundamentals of property staging and design.

  • How to stage vacant and occupied properties.


  • "Staged To Sell", you will learn step-by-step processes to create a room-by-room detailed analysis of recommendations. 


  • Staging concepts: Furniture styles and placement, addressing the condition, color concepts, texture, balance, reconfiguring spaces to reclaim lost equity.  


  • "Staged To Live" Interior decorating and design essentials Personalizing spaces for clients.  

  • Effective marketing strategies, how to reach your target audience.


  • Setting a plan and Pricing Your Services.

  • Creating multiple revenue streams to grow your business beyond yourself.  

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Business Tools

  • Sellers presentation package includes a marketing portfolio,  consultation assessment, an aftermarket kit, all with your personalized branding. ($850 Value)

  • A series of bid and estimate strategies forms necessary when working with occupied and vacant properties as well as event staging projects.  ($800 Value)


  • A portfolio of Property staging rental agreements, services contracts, and inventory control schedules. ($1600 Value)

  • Downloadable workbook and other teaching aids.

  • Additional property staging marketing materials personalized with your branding and PPSLI Logos ($850 Value)

  • Plus, our team will ship to you four property staging handbooks printed in full color, samples, and other goodies to share with your clients.  So you are ready to stage within days.

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You Also Receive...

  • Listed on the Home Stager Talent Directory which will include your designations, contact details, and personal branding.  

  • Recognized as a Certified Professional Property Expert Stager and will receive 4 designations.

  • Access to vendor discounts, samples, and more.


  • Access to the Expert Property Stagers members group and the PPS REA Consultant community.

       ($1425 Value)

Learn At
Your Own Pace


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This is a limited time offer.


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