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Our RFD Odor Eliminator
is green, biodegradable, non-toxic, and safe for use around people and pets.

Once sprayed on the source of odor - is designed to encapsulate odor causing molecules – absorbing and eliminating the odor for good!

Benefits of RFD Odor Eliminator:

Pet/People Safe

Biodegradable - Environmentally Friendly

Safe to use anywhere

Can be mixed with other cleaning products

Can be added to foggers and steam cleaners


What Odors does RFD Odor Eliminator remove?

Animal odors - Cat, Dog, Rodents, Birds, Urine, ‘Wet Animal’ and more.

Smoke odors - Tobacco, Marijuana, Fire

Food and cooking odor - Curry, Oil based, for example, fried foods, and more.

And Many Other Foul Odors.