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Property Stager Novice Certification (Level 1)


The Professional Property Stager Novice Certification (1st of the 4 Level Career Stager Certification). Level 1 - PPS Novice Certification - is the first step to mastering a career as a Professional Property Stager. At this level, you will learn in-depth: - Concepts and Fundamentals of property staging. - Color, texture, design, and re-design. - Why, who, when, what, and how to stage theory and strategies. - Knowledge of Industry Standards and current trends. You will learn from the best! Connie Nedergaard, PPSLI Founder, Business Coach, Keynote Speaker, PPS Expert, Feng Shui To Sell Instructor, HouseBeGreen Instructor and Career Stager Instructor, will be your online instructor. Connie will share proven methods and formulas that will provide you with the skills to create room-by-room configurations effectively. A plethora of visuals will be shared throughout the training. As an Added Bonus, the PPS Novice Training Book, and other goodies will be shipped directly to you and will serve as industry reference tools. Upon earning your Professional Property Stager Novice Certification our team will create your personally branded tools and include your presence on the directory. And prepare you for your one-on-one mentorship call with your coach. To learn more about the Career Staging Journey, download the Career Stager Catalogue below.

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