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Can anyone become a Home Stager? 

The answer is yes!  

You don't need a design or business degree.  All you need is the desire and passion for creating and redesigning spaces. 

Our online certification program provides you with all the necessary tools, coaching, and community support to help you realize your goal of becoming an Expert Property Stager.  


The Professional Property Stager Learning Institute has successfully trained and supported Property Stagers for more than twenty years.

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Real Estate Agent Exclusive

Get PPS REA Consultant Certified

And Earn 6 CE

Live Class or Distance Learning.

Who Benefits From Our Training?   
If you are ​> Looking to become certified as a Professional Property Stager and grow a profitable staging business.  


If you are > Already established as a home stager but looking for solutions to increase revenue and rapidly grow your business beyond yourself.


If you are > A "Newbie home stager" looking for proven tools, processes, and strategies that will catapult your business to a six-figure income and become recognized as a real estate staging industry leader.  


If you are > Someone that enjoys decorating or re-designing spaces and is excited to learn all there is to know about home staging.

If you are > A Real Estate Agent looking to achieve the designation of PPS REA Consultant Certified with the opportunity to earn CE Credits and get the edge over your competition.

If any of this resonates with you, 

then we are here to help you reach your desired goal.

Visit the Property Stager Talent Directory – not only is it a fantastic tool for showcasing your skills and connecting with potential clients, but it's also your exclusive members area. Join us today to unlock a world of opportunities

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Self - Paced Program

Not only will you learn everything you need to know about "stage to sell" and "stage to live", you will gain the knowledge and support needed to run a profitable home staging business.  


Expand your staging knowledge by reading from industry leading experts

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