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  • What can I expect?
    The Expert Property Stager Accelerator Certification is available online - learn at your own pace. ​ Not only will you learn everything you need to know about "stage to sell" and "stage to live", you will gain the knowledge and support needed to run a profitable home staging business. This is a 4-level Certification - Novice - Consultant - Lead - Expert Stager which will teach you everything you need to know about property staging and how to be successful as a business.
  • ​Who benefits from © Professional Property Stager Learning Institute?
    Career minded individuals looking to become Certified Professional Property Stagers. Established home staging business owners focused on enhancing and/or expanding their current business. Novice 'home stagers' looking for proven tools, processes, business forms and marketing strategies that will catapult their business into the aggressive property staging arena. Real estate agents and/or Sellers requiring tools to help sell their properties quickly and/or for more money.
  • I already have a staging designation and am very familiar with the fundamentals of staging, do I have to take the PPS© Level I Certification (Concepts & Facilities) before taking the PPS© Level II Consultation Certification?
    Congratulations on obtaining your staging designation. In answer to your question, no you do not have to take PPS© Level I first. All four PPS© Certifcations were carefully designed and developed to assist Stagers at all levels. Property Stagers such as yourself, have already acquired the knowledge and expertise of Level I and are looking to enhance their business and increase. Those business owners choose Levels II - IV. In addition each PPS© certification includes a one-on-coaching session, a valuable benefit to you and your business.
  • I recently took a Staging course from another school and really enjoyed it. I now have a designation and understand how staging works. However, after leaving the class I felt lost. At this point I am having trouble getting my business started. I am unsure as to how present my service or even what to charge. Will these courses help me with that?
    That is a great question. Aside from the PPS ©Certification Level I, The PPS© certifications Levels II - IV provide you with everything you need to know about running your business from, Consulting, upselling your services, report writing, formulating costs, creating effective estimates and managing full service projects and more. Visit the Professional Property Staging Learning Institute©, PPS© Certifications page to learn more.
  • I have been staging for years but am looking to refresh my approach in the market to grow my client list. Do I need to be a Certified Professional Property Stager© to access Coaching hours and Business tools?
    Absolutely not, simply visit our coaching page and register for a Complimentary Consultant so that we may assess your needs and recommend the right program for you. We have some wonderful coaching programs that will get you on the right track, keep you motivated and accountable. A great way to excel your business. All tools required to reach your goals are included.
  • Does this count towards my Continuing Education (CE) requirements?
    Yes! The PPS REA Consultant Certification is approved for CE credit in 10+ states.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes! Enjoy flex pay your way. Simply choose which day of the month you’d like your payments to be processed to align with your monthly bills.
  • Is there a discount if I pay in full?
    Yes! Save up to $1,000 off when you pay in full.
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