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PPSLI Home Staging Online School

Connie Nedergaard, Founder of the Professional Property Stager Learning Institute has been in the property staging business for more than 20 years.  Her mission has always been to provide future and present Property Stagers with the knowledge, training, experience, and success she has enjoyed throughout her career.

​With Connie’s experience as a Real Estate Professional and extensive knowledge, training and expertise as a property stager, the Professional Property Stager® Certification was born.  To maintain the integrity of the products and processes, Connie needed to set the staging standards for the company and develop a comprehensive model that would allow individual accomplishments for Professional Property Stagers (PPS®).  The program was a success, and since that time our PPS® Certification programs continue to improve and grow. 

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Our Mission Is to Empower Dreams


Professional Online Certifications


Industry Leading Mentors


Certified Course Graduates


Satisfaction Rated by Students

A deep passion for the home staging industry, plus incredible experiences and successes that students have enjoyed drive PPSLI to help other Stagers' realize their dreams. 

PPSLI programs deliver the necessary tools to build an effective Professional Property Staging© business model that is seamless and fruitful for students.  

Since 2000, Certified Professional Property Stagers© have been using the PPS© techniques, formulas, and processes, and continue to enjoy a profitable business.

Our Core Values

We practice what we preach


The state of being whole and undivided. Home Staging Success.


Required to justify actions or decisions for home staging success.


Gain top home staging awareness from experienced stagers.


PPSLI courses are dedicated to helping students succeed.


PPSLI curriculum enforces

Your Success Is Our Success.

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